HS Principal's Message

As we enter the 2019-2020 school year, it is an honor and privilege to serve as the Indian Lake High School principal.  Our goal is to expand on past success and to offer experiences beyond traditional high school courses. 

In addition to earning 22 credits at the high school, students must complete 1 of 3 pathways to graduation.  The first option and primary focus for all students is to earn 18 points on 7 End of Course Exams.  Students can earn up to 5 points on each exam.  The second option is to earn an Industry Credential through Ohio Hi-Point and to pass the WorkKeys examination.  The final option is to earn remediation-free scores on the ACT, which is now being offered free to all juniors. The class of 2020 also has a few additional alternate pathways to meet the graduation requirements.  We will be meeting with any senior student who has not yet met the 18 required points within the first week of school to either get them on a tutoring plan to help them score the points they need to graduate or to begin their work on their alternate pathways.  

We are extremely proud of the improvements we have made in the graduation rate over the last few years and we have recently reached nearly 100%.  However, we continue to seek ways to increase student performance on the End of Course Exams.  Teacher Based Teams as well as Building and District Leadership Teams collaborate to promote student success.  We have also worked diligently to align our curriculum to new state standards and have integrated numerous interventions including: courses for End of Course Exam intervention, the purchase of online programs to help students prepare for testing, study skills courses, lunch intervention, and content specific professional development for teachers.  

End of Course Exam test results indicate a continued growth on just about every End of Course Exam.  We continue to work to improve in all areas.  Although, we did see growth in most exams, we still have work to do in order to meet the indicator on the state local report card.  

The high school welcomes two new staff members to replace those who have resigned or taken a job in another district: Holly Baker – Biology and Sherry Poe – Guidance.  Please welcome them to the Laker family!  The high school also welcomes one change to staffing this year.  Mrs. Rapp has returned to the Middle School and now Mr. Tuttle will serve as one of our guidance counselors.  We wish Mrs. Rapp the best back in the classroom and we welcome Mr. Tuttle to his new role.  

A major change for the district last year was the release of a service called OneView, which enables parents to complete school and athletic forms online.  All parents will need to complete Online Forms for all students.  There will be no hard copies.  The Online Forms can be found at https://indianlake.esvportal.com/ We will again utilize this service as it will save parents time and should help the school operate more efficiently.  Additionally, we will continue to use the same emergency and information notification system as last year that is capable of voice, text, and email alerts. 

The technology and maintenance departments have worked diligently over the summer to install numerous cameras for the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. 

We continue to provide College Credit Plus offerings and to foster partnerships with local businesses, manufacturers, and the Logan County Chamber to ensure that our students are prepared for college or career.  The high school staff considers it a privilege to educate the youth of Indian Lake and we look forward to collaborating with students, parents, and the community to make 2019-20 a great year!

Kyle R. Wagner

HS Principal