Laker Leadership Council

Laker Leadership Council
Posted on 11/18/2019
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The Laker Leadership Council is considering how several factors, including technology, could be leading this generation of students to have low self-esteem. 
The group met recently with Superintendent Rob Underwood, along with the high school principals and counselors. 
They watched and discussed a video by Simon Sinek on the Millennial Generation. 
In it, Sinek theorizes that millennials and more recent generations do not know how to form meaningful relationships because they rarely, if even, practice the skill set. As a result, he says, they are often unfulfilled in their work and personal lives. Sinek says much of these feeling are reinforced in social media, where you can post only the seemingly perfect part of your life and that's all anyone knows about you. 
The Laker Leadership Council members agreed that  it's important to put phones down and find ideas and inspiration in the real world. 
You can watch the Sinek video at   
The Laker Leadership Council is a group of 20 freshman through seniors chosen by Underwood to bring different perspectives for consideration when school officials and board members are making decisions for the future and strategic planning.