Environmental Science Students Lead IL Recycling

Environmental Science Students Lead IL Recycling
Posted on 10/11/2019
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ILHS environmental science students are now leading the district's recycling efforts and learning tons as they go.
In years past, a few different groups at the high school helped collect the district's recycling.
Because the subject matter aligns directly with the environmental science curriculum, teacher Zack Dunn volunteered his students for the job. 
Dunn explains, "We spent our first unit on waste, and recycling is a big part of that. We discussed at length reducing the amount of waste we create as a school. We also learned how to deal with some common hazardous wastes." 
Once a week, the students split into groups. Some head to ILES and ILMS to collect all the recycling material that is gathered in those buildings. Other teams collect the paper, plastic and metal material at the high school. It all ends up in the trailer that the Logan County Solid Waste District supplies the school district. 
Dunn says his environmental science students are eager to take recycling on campus a step further. They continue to research more ways to recycle common office/school related items like printer cartridges and used markers. They hope to implement even more recycling opportunities in Indian Lake Schools throughout the year.