AAA Vehicle Safety Inspections

AAA Vehicle Safety Inspections
Posted on 05/13/2019
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AAA InspectionsAAA Inspections

Indian Lake High School students are getting practical instruction on vehicle and driving safety ahead of graduation season. 

AAA Ohio Auto Club representatives performed vehicle safety inspections on dozens of student automobiles in the ILHS student parking lot recently. They checked for proper tire pressure and fluid levels, the condition of hoses and belts, working lights and blinkers, along with battery life and operational seat belts. Each student got a checklist to remind them to do their own inspections often and address areas of concern, if any were detected. Parents will receive a letter in the mail if there were any problems with the vehicle as well.

In addition, AAA Traffic Safety Program Manager Kellie O’Riordan talked personally with students as they came to the parking lot.  She shared that car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.

Ohio Department of Transportation statistics indicate distractions like texting, blaring music and too many people in a vehicle far outweigh any other reason for wrecks. 

O’Riordan pleaded with students to put down their phone and put on their seatbelt every time they operate a vehicle. She pointed out that half the people who die in car crashes would be alive if they had just buckled up. 

Indian Lake High School graduation ceremonies are set for Sunday, May 19th. 

The AAA Vehicle Safety Inspections and assembly were sponsored by ILHS Students Against Destructive Decisions.