Geometry Golf!

Geometry Golf!
Posted on 12/22/2020
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ILHS Geometry students are hoping 2021 is a hole in one!
As an end of semester group project, students in Amber Shively's Geometry classes designed 9-hole putt-putt golf courses. They made posters of their entire course, but were then required to build their favorite hole to scale with cardboard and other supplies. 
Shively says the project took over her entire classroom and much of the second floor of ILHS, but it served as a great review.  
"It was just supposed to be a fun way to go back over a lot of the terms and ideas that we've covered since the beginning of the school year," Shivley says, "The kids are really enjoying it."  
Each hole was required to feature a set of parallel lines, a set of perpendicular lines, one acute angle and one obtuse angle. The entire course also had to showcase knowledge of several shapes including circles, squares, rhombuses, rectangles, trapezoids, triangles and more. 
Several student groups excelled at the project, but the team of Ryder Holbrook, Zach Lemmings and Jolee Reser took it very seriously. They designed and constructed a hole they named the "Big Buford." Not only did it feature all the geometric requirements, they painted it and really got creative with obstacles. 
Holbrook says, "It's meant to be a challenge. We were trying to make it complicated."
Shively worked with Indian Lake Sports Park to provide putters so kids could actually test out the holes once they were built.