Laker Leadership Council

Laker Leadership Council
Posted on 05/13/2019
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Laker Leadership Council members offered important student perspectives on possible changes to rules at ILHS. 
The group met recently with Superintendent Rob Underwood for the fourth and final time this school year.
First, the students weighed in on the Culture Playbook that is nearly complete for Indian Lake Schools. The playbook is based on the "R-Factor" positive culture building program made famous by former Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer.
However, much of the meeting centered around cell phone restrictions and book bag/back pack regulations at ILHS. 
Some staff members would like to put more restrictions on cell phone usage during school hours. Currently, students are allowed to have their phones on them. However, many teachers limit the usage during class or even have students put phones in a box when they enter their classrooms. 
In addition, some staff members want students to keep their belongings in their lockers, instead of carrying book bags/back packs around with them to classrooms all day. They say the bags clutter classrooms and give students more of an opportunity to hide items they should not have. 
Laker Leadership Council members respectfully gave their opinions on each of these issues. At this time, administrators have made no decisions on any changes to either of these rules at ILHS.  
The Laker Leadership Council is a group of 20 freshman through seniors chosen by Underwood to bring different perspectives for consideration when school officials and board members are making decisions for the future and strategic planning.