Mastering the Scientific Method

Mastering the Scientific Method
Posted on 09/07/2018
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Scientific MethodScientific Method
Science students at Indian Lake High School are mastering the scientific method to start the school year. Freshman students in Zack Dunn’s class went through all the steps of the process to predict, observe and conclude what happens when milk, food coloring and dish soap are combined in a petri dish in that order. Then they ammended the experiment to discover what might change (or not change!) when different types of milk or liquid are used. 

Meantime, sophomore biology students in Blythe Moorhouse’s class recently designed their own experiments to test the strength and absorbancy of paper towels. Students came up with their own ways to test the each brand’s claims of superiority. They reviewed the principles of control group, experimental group, independent and dependent variables. All students found that Bounty paper towels are the best for both categories.