Remote Autopsy

Remote Autopsy
Posted on 04/12/2019
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Remote Autopsy
ILHS Anatomy students recently dialed in to a remote autopsy to learn how the procedure can help physicians determine the cause of someone's death. 

About 20 of science educator Bythe Moorhouse’ students watched a 90-minute interactive COSI Medical Autopsy performed at the Ohio State University Wexner ar Medical Center.  

Medical residents at OSU narrated live the pre-recorded procedure on a recently deceased 63-year old male known to have complications of diabetes. Several other Ohio schools watched the autopsy as well. 

Students were able to see the order of organ removal, ask questions from the examining physician and help determine the man’s cause of death.  

Moorhouse says after studying every system of the body throughout the year, this was perfect wrap up for her class. 

After watching the entire autopsy, IL students concluded that the patient died of heart failure due to a blocked coronary artery.