The Study of Waves

The Study of Waves
Posted on 01/25/2018
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Waves lab in Mr. Dunn's classWaves lab in Mr. Dunn's class
Students in Zack Dunn’s ILHS Science classes are learning the ups and downs of wave behavior. They recently participated in a waves lab using springs, Slinky toys, diffraction glasses, and a homemade wave machine in class. 

In one experiment, students timed and documented data while others moved the long metal springs in vertical waves in the air. They were looking specifically for wave interference and reflection when the spring vibration was slowed down, sped up, and stretched out. 

In another exercise, students documented data and observations while using a Slinky toy to make waves horizontally on the ground. 

During the waves labs, students also experimented with diffraction glasses, which split waves of light producing a rainbow effect.

Finally, the whole class observed the wave machine made of skewers and gummy bears. They observed how mass affects inertia and acceleration and determined how a change in medium affects a wave's speed.