HS Principal's Message

As we enter the 2020-2021 school year, it is an honor and privilege to serve as the Indian Lake High School principal.  Our goal is to expand on past success and to offer experiences beyond traditional high school courses.  I would like to thank the students who completed all of their online assignments to end the year.  It was a difficult and confusing time for all of us.  With the unprecedented ending to last school year, I hope this year can end on a more typical note.  

In addition to earning 22 credits at the high school, as of writing this in early August, students must complete the additional graduation requirements provided by the Ohio Department of Education.  We will be sure to share any changes to the requirements directly with students and parents/guardians as necessary.  There are different requirements for each graduating class and you can find your required pathway using this link http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohio-s-Graduation-Requirements

Some new terminology that students and parents will be hearing this year is R Factor.  The entire Indian Lake Staff went through extensive training last school year and now it is time for the students to learn.  R Factor is a behavior toolbox.  Here is a brief overview of what students will be learning this year.  

“The most complex variable in your world is not the circumstances you encounter or the results you're trying to produce. The most complex variable is the behavior of people in Response to those situations. You don't control Events. You don't control Outcomes. You earn Outcomes based on the discipline of your Response:  E + R = O  Event + Response = Outcome”

“What is The R Factor? 1. A simple, proven, systematic behavior toolbox for Discipline-driven Responses in any situation. 2. The single most important and applicable skills training for businesses, teams, and school districts. 3. A common language that drives a powerfully shared culture among people. 4. The end of "flavor of the week" training programs and speeches that get ignored, resisted, and rejected.”

“Behavior — not talent, technology, or tactics — is the driving force of strategic success. Elite results require Discipline-driven behavior.”  https://www.focus3.com/what-we-do/the-r-factor

The high school welcomes two new staff members to replace those who have resigned or taken a job in another district: Karen Cordova – Biology and Alice Weygandt – Guidance.  Please welcome them to the Laker family! 

We will continue to use a serviced called OneView, which enables parents to complete school and athletic forms online.  All parents will need to complete Online Forms for all students.  There will be no hard copies.  The Online Forms can be found at https://indianlake.esvportal.com/ We will again utilize this service as it will save parents time and should help the school operate more efficiently.  Additionally, we will continue to use the same emergency and information notification system as last year that is capable of voice, text, and email alerts. 

The maintenance department has worked diligently over the summer to prepare the building to meet public health requirements.   The tech department is currently working to implement our 1:1 technology program.  This will provide each student with their own Chrome book.

We continue to provide College Credit Plus offerings and to foster partnerships with local businesses, manufacturers, and the Logan County Chamber to ensure that our students are prepared for college or career.  The high school staff considers it a privilege to educate the youth of Indian Lake and we look forward to collaborating with students, parents, and the community to make 2020-21 a great year!

Kyle R. Wagner

HS Principal