Team Policies

Team Policies

Academics:  This is the first priority. Do your work and turn it in on time.  If you need help ask.  

Attendance:  Practices start at 3:15 p.m.  Be on time.  Be prepared.  Attendance is required at all practices and meets unless excused by the coach.  Communicate with the coach beforehand if you need to miss practice.  

Drugs & Alcohol: There is no excuse for using drugs and alcohol.  The Indian Lake Schools code of conduct contract for student-athletes will be strictly enforced.

Cell Phone:  Practices and meets are not the time to talk and use your cell phone.  You may feel compelled to check your phone during practice or a meet.  Track is not the place to talk on the phone, text your friends or deal with other issues on the phones.  Be courteous of team members.  Put phones on mute and leave it in your gym bag.  If you need to take an important call, ask the coach to be excused and go to a different area.   If all of your events are finished for the meet, do not sit in the camp area playing on phones, instead cheer for other teammates.

Equipment:  If you use it, put it back where it belongs.  Equipment should be returned to its designated spot.  Do not use equipment for any reason contrary to its purpose.  Do not damage the equipment.  Only reasonable wear and tear is acceptable.  Inform a coach if equipment needs replaced or is not in proper working order. 

Meets:  You are required to ride the bus to and from meets.  If you need to ride with a parent an Athletic Travel Release form needs submitted and completed beforehand. 

Quitting:  Any athlete who quits the team and wants to return in a future year must submit a letter to Coach Metzger requesting consideration to be re-admitted to the program. 

Uniform:  Keep team issued apparel in clean and good condition.  Timely return uniforms at the end of the season.  If you lose your uniform or do not turn it in you will be expected to pay for it.

Varsity Letters:  Only those athletes who contribute to the varsity team will be awarded a letter.  JV awards will be presented for participation.