Chromebook Rollout and Responsible Use Agreement

Chromebook Rollout and Responsible Use Agreement
Posted on 08/20/2021
IMG 9282Chromebook rolloutChromebook RolloutChromebook RolloutChromebook Rollout

It's a day we've been waiting on for over a year!! ILHS students were each issued their own Chromebook today!
Students gathered for an assembly with Principal Wagner to review the Responsible Use Agreement that spells out the terms of using the Chromebooks. He urged students to carefully read and understand the agreement, which details how to handle the Chromebook on a daily basis and what happens if it is lost or damaged.
Seniors received their Chromebooks first, then the rest of the student body got theirs throughout the day. 
Wagner says students should keep the Chromebooks inside their case at all times and the ID card in the front plastic pocket should not be removed for any reason. 
The deadline for students to have their parents complete their online forms and pay the $30 technology insurance fee is September 3rd. Students who do not have forms completed and fees paid after that date will be required to turn in their Chromebook. In addition, seniors must also have proof of their state mandated meningitis immunization on file in the office to keep their Chromebooks. 

1:1 Responsible Use Agreement